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AC 8000 RANGE Of Fully Synthetic Compressor OilsThe AC 8000 range of compressor oils are blended using high VI synthetic base oils, synthetic ester and selected additives to provide long term protection and reliability for your compressor. The new generation formula using compressor specific chemistry enables the AC 8000 range to be used in all types of compressor. Features recommended for single & multi stage compressors.

They offer extended oil life thereby reducing servicing and downtime good seal and paint compatibility, extremely low evaporative loss- less oil thickening, excellent demulsibility, high resistance to oxidation & deposit formation, superb load carrying & antiwear characteristics.

Recommended for single and multi-stage air compressors, and are particularly effective for continuous high temperature arduous operation with exhaust temperatures up to 220°C.Compressor type ProductScrew AC 8032Vane AC 8046Piston AC 8068Reciprocating AC 8100Hydrovane AC 8150The above must only be used as a guide, always consult the manufacturer’s handbook.